Friday, 1 September 2017

Board Game Ready For Release

The latest game from Neal Reid is ready and will be released in late September.

The Somme Campaign is a two player board game of generalship at army level during World War I and is a race against time. Can the British break through and capture Bapaume before the onset of winter? Can the German defences hold and stymie the British assault with the perfect counter attack? Can you do better?

I wrote about the development version at the end of June.  Here's what the components look like now:

As part for the advertising campaign, anyone who uses the dedicated online form to place an advance order will be offered the game at a discount and will receive their game before it goes on general sale. As an additional incentive everyone who registers will a receive a free pdf of Neil's design notes.

The advance order offer closes Monday, 18 September.

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